Head of Section and Associate Professor, Section of Environmental Health, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Research Areas: Relationships, sexuality and digital interventions


GMH is a licensed psychologist, Ph.D., specialist in clinical sexology, Associate Professor of Medical Psychology, Research leader of the ‘Sexuality and Interpersonal Relations Research Group (SIR)’ and Head of Section of Environmental Health at the Department of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) since 2015. GMH was awarded the Carlsberg Distinguished Associate Professor Fellowship (2016-19). In 2019, he and the research group were awarded the prestigious Innovation Prize (2019) from UCPH for their evidence-based digital divorce platform ‘Cooperation after Divorce’, developed at UCPH and now implemented in Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland. GMH is on the editorial board of Archives of Sexual Behavior and Journal of Sex Research and a reviewer for multiple journals, including Nature. GMH research areas and interests cover divorce; relationship matching, forming and development; digital health; healthy sexual aging; mental health and sexuality; sexual dysfunctions; pornography; attractiveness; psychiatric disorders; individual and relationship therapy. GMH research has been disseminated in numerous media in Denmark and abroad, and GMH is considered an expert in sexuality and relationship research. GMH has extensive research leadership and management experience from both national and international research collaborations and supervises at all levels of academia. In 2020 his mentee assistant professor Jenna Strizzi won the prestigious Taylor and Francis Young Investigator Award.


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